4 Oakfield road/ Demo

Dust blue in the cinema room, bourbon on the counter of the bar upstairs. Stacked was the helium, on silver ropes of synthetic tethers. Swaying drunkenly amongst the flashes of cadmium. Bopping, giggling and reflecting with iridescent blown faces. buzzing, erected, heat – down – before.

My palms were sweaty… I knew it!.. I shouldn’t have drunken so much… she’s so gonna think i’m a creep! Sweat rolls down my face, i pause and move from the foggy seat towards the white clear sheet ahead. Mice scatter past my toes and feet, I had lost my shoes in a bet with Tony but still the odds were in my favour, maybe my luck manifests later tonight! I still have my torch light and that’ll get me over the bridge at least.

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