Vribble #4

semi-transparent laptop and surrounding area

I’ve been looking through all the old and my phone taken back to mum when I wrote one. I’ve been thinking about the difference in how the sound depending on when I was moving or sitting down with her about it. Remembering walking to the park was running running on my phone. I remember when was typing my computer and enter something sticky like Honeyglue and that I couldn’t get off my fingers. That sounds a shine returns. Make up my notes I have no voice recognising is the thing I want to quickly speak about before getting more forgetting it. I think this kind of screwed for new Scrabble it’s not difficult to recognise these approval stick like because of the fluency I don’t have a single spelling mistake and then suddenly was aware of that makes absolutely no sense in sentences like a terrible scenario in another room trying to say something about the president for myself. Setting aside for one month I’m up for a moment of politics or the fact that my phone has no problem spelling the name of contemporary roots and leaves, I’m struck by having these euphonic detours to take on my vocal chords.

I said the words out loud again in the situation returns in a kind of way to texting my sticky fingers in but in the stickiness it’s more like an outsider and instruction of some kind of intention. The new world is in my throat rest attention for a moment to spend with lots of vibrating in monks councils countless other countless meanings and intentions let me in and let go. But before letting me back to my past train of thought and myself also suspended in a new canonic memory feedback physical sensation that is to make that decompressing earth but I’ve always wondered whether they set off intentionally by bus trying to scare people. The small flock of pigeons right up in front of me and struggle against the wind it’s not like blowing on me. Everything falls from nowhere from a cup into a cup of soft feathers. I see myself throwing myself backwards onto my bed and I’m still in front of my computer and done. 

Do you like how there is a certain word that you would like to say but you don’t like to say of the way it sounds or ever in another word you don’t write because they’re all difficult to spell or maybe they look weird remind you of something doesn’t fit in the sentence, like the word there which makes me up in the kind of loud an exclamation that I see it written exclamation? Those words create new ways of thinking about things; the new password meaning and intention. But are usually very personal idiosyncratic I’m trying to imagine what it means for an applied for for a reply of the world to the type of the strangeness of the writing invoice.

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