​Formations of ​light, ​heat​ and energy.​ 

Carbon, fossilised sunlight​. T​ransformed and encrypted​ deep within the Earth.​

Carbon and fossil fuels.​

Oil spills, opalescent oceans.​ O​il tankers drifting at sea, aimless​, suspended​.​

L​iquid crystals, ​opalescent screens, ​digital ageless light. ​Electricity.​

Our attraction to oil and light​, h​eat.​ Mineral connections.

S​ilicon: a chemical element, the second most abundant element in the ​​Earth’s crust.​

S​ilicon’s ability to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity.

S​olar cells: made of crystalline silicon.​

S​ilica: silicon plus oxide, a mineral form​, known in the form of quartz (crystalline silica).

Geodes: hollow rock structures, volcanic cavities lined with opalescent quartz crystals.

Geode, from greek: ‘earthy, earth-like, with deep soil’.​​

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The LCD is moving from the front, or that which is in front of us, to the back, becoming a condition for experiencing rather than something which can be experienced; a new kind of seeing. This new seeing is literally a seeing through liquid crystals. Our perception becomes grounded in this material and in a sense creates a new kind of ground; a non-solid, mesomorphic ground. This ground –– which we might already be standing on –– does not offer a fixed position from which we can observe other phenomena or objects. It is a smectic ground; a smectic foundation – a layered foundation of slippage.

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