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Part 1

720. That is the number of biological gender existing for humankind, 147 years after they’ve been mutated with an unknown species of extraterrestrial origin in the year 2021.

That is the biggest mutation that any species has ever been through. But still, somehow, the first decade of the mutation happened in an unnoticeable way.

Of course, biologists and doctors did pick up on questionable discoveries, which they tried to share to the world to receive funds to start deep researches. But the world was too fragile, still recovering from the 2020 health crisis and its overwhelming amount of fake news which were desperately trying to be corrected by the WHO.

It is understandable that any form of news regarding health or biological development was received with skeptical eyes once the world went back to normal through the creation of suspicious vaccines…

2034. This year was marked by the birth of two special babies: two newborns from Australia and Brazil came into existence in late December with the peculiar feature that none of them were born with the female or male biological gender.

This discovery overthrew the primary beliefs of science which was forced to consider the existence of two new biological genders and they’re unknown origin.

By the year 2040, 350 new genders had been born into our planet. And by the year 2071, 720. And the number hasn’t changed since then.

720. It certainly is a big number. I don’t even think there are enough colours to make gender reveal parties anymore. Thankfully this trend quickly faded away, even before the birth of Zan and Riso in 2034, who both saw their destiny being eternally linked.

Today they both celebrated their 134th birthday and gave an empowering speech about the gender fluid Utopia the world has reached.

The speech took place in Tokyo’s Railway Station at 2:pm.

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Before the speech, the last train which from Hokkaido came to the station. A plasmodium jumped off from carriage 3, ran to Riso and put an envelope in his tuxedo pocket, and said, “Someone asked me to give this to you. “, and then hurried away.

Riso opened the envelope. There was a big grain of oatmeal and a piece of note paper inside. It said: This is the final destination of our love. —— from your lover. But Riso has many lovers. He didn’t know that this letter came from Wilbo, a member of a branch of the World Health Organization.

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