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Penelope (Mycetozoa)Slime and her descendants.

Penelope (Mycetozoa)Slime and her descendants.

As we now know, the arrival of the 720 genders in our world 4 centuries ago has changed the way we have live, act and think. We all know that Dr. Mycetozoa as much as he is hated by today’s society, he has made us rethink what’s right and wrong. Certainly, his actions have violated all of the 720 Gender Rights, but his actions have made us realize that we all need to be heard and not only Ancient Slime Society families — one of the smallest and oldest families that Dr. Mycetozoa belonged to. To understand Dr. Mycetozoa you have to look back in his family’s history.

Sometime between 1834-1919, artist and biologist Haeckel, Ernst painted the oldest known photo of the most ancient family of the 720 species (Mycetozoa).

The leader of the family was Penelope Mycetozoa she began the Ancient Slime Society after learning the discoveries of new genders and how this might lead to the extinction of their race. Since then the society has led the power to preserve their own at the expense of others, taking over business, government control, endangering the Utopia we all had.

More photos of the Dr. Mycetozoa and fmaily below:

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