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Details of Social Structures

Biological parents are not important in this community. All children must be taken care of by the rest of the citizens regardless of their blood closeness.

Children don’t have an assigned gender by birth. All names are considered neutral.

Households are not necessarily composed by couples and offspring but can hold several people. Polyamory is the most common way for household formations.

Important decisions and emotional problems are approached in weekly meetings. Moderators are brought from other Bubble Communities to have neutral insights and help solving issues.

Visits from other planets are accepted but only during certain periods of time. If someone wants to stay forever and was raised in other systems they must have a test time, and must be accepted by the vast majority of the adoptive Bubble.

Every household is responsible of generating the least waste possible.

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[…] People live in small communities, aka. units, and live in self consistency status. The population of each communities follows the Dunbar Number. There is no authorities or hierarchies, residents are equal to each other and can win respect as long as not hurting others and are working for a better future for their communities. Respecting, caring and empathy are responsibilities for everyone and is common in the daily interpersonal scene. […]

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