MADD Slime

Dr. Mycetozoa

Dr. Mycetozoa is a strange creature with yellow slime. He is the designer of Tokyo Metro Station. He is a think tank. He can always input a question to him like artificial intelligence, and he can give him the best answer. Solution, but he is very mysterious, no one knows how his brain can be so smart. He always wears a trench coat and a top hat, his face is covered by a huge black sunglasses, he can only be seen through the remaining exposed skin, with a wet slimy and hollow body, this is The mysterious Dr. Mycetozoa.

As a subject that carries thought and consciousness, it is usually an indivisible whole. However, Dr. Mycetozoa is decomposable. When we look closely at Dr. Mycetozoa, we can find that he is composed of a number of nodes. These nodes are single-celled organisms shaped like spores. It works like an artificial neural network. So he can design a transportation system that extends in all directions.

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