MADD Slime Writing

Dr.Slime lost lover

There is a unique creature that exhibits properties of internal and external living transport systems. He is a vegetative stage of acellular slime mould P. polycephalum, a syncytium, a single cell with many nuclei, which feeds on microscopic particles40. When foraging for its food the plasmodium propagates towards sources of food particles, surrounds them, secretes enzymes, and digests the food. Typically, the plasmodium forms a congregation of protoplasm covering the food source. When several sources of nutrients are scattered in the plasmodium’s range, the plasmodium forms a network of protoplasmic tubes connecting the masses of protoplasm at the food sources. Scientists have found Dr.Slime that covers its environment by creating a network of wirelike extensions that absorb nutrients, could be used as building blocks for computing devices and sensors. So, Dr.Slime need to work everyday,he lost his lover.

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