*Who invented keys?* 

Todays “flat keys” were first introduced to the public by Linus Yale. 

*When did keys first appeared?* 

About 6 thousands years ago in the ancient Babylon and Egypt. At the same moment when first locks appeared. When they were only simple wooden devices. 

*What does keys mean to humans?* 

Typical Definition: A device that is used to operate a lock. A small piece of metal consisting of two parts: the bit or blade. 

Security / Authority / Belongings / A way to open / A way out / Home / Answer / Conquer

*The relationship between keys and lock*  

Can we say that the meaning of keys are based on the existence of locks? 

*The evolution of keys (design)*

Introduction of wards into locks shaped the keys from large flat structures with pins on their end to the look of what we call today is “Skeleton key” – simple cylindrical shaft that has one single, thin and rectangular tooth (or bit). This design continued to be used for 17 centuries after the fall of Roman Empire. Then modern “flat keys” were first introduced to the public by Linus Yale, Sr and Jr. in mid 1800s. And we can still see these keys today, however now there are electrical/ digitalized ones which passwords are the keys. 

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