Slime something

the oddly fascinating slime

When thinking about slime, one might picture the social media trend of oddly satisfying slime videos, in which people are playing with their slime toys and filming them in cinematic ways.

Evan Malone thinks that this cinematicity of the everyday is being replicated through this new wave of oddly satisfying videos on the internet, but also assumes what French philosopher Baudrillard conceptualised as the ‘hyper-real’. “In the beginning it seemed like there was this element of hyper reality, it’s like your real life but better! It’s more real, and by more real it’s more cinematic, it’s perfect in a way,” he says. “And now it seems like theres this a second of wave of things that seem even more hyper real: the colours are richer, it’s more cinematic.” -Sabrina Faramazi.


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