MADD Pillow


Chinese Medicine Pillow

Chinese medicine pillow is a special pillow for cervical spondylosis prepared with Chinese medicine. It is a kind of pillow that is conducive to cervical spondylosis. The hard thing is different from ordinary pillows in that it is placed under the neck when used. The principle of cervical spondylosis is as follows: through the effect of medicine fumigation, the traditional Chinese medicine package can directly correspond to the neck for medical treatment and relieve muscle spasms. In addition, its design has the effect of physical traction, which can play a physical therapy effect on the neck.
Jade Pillow

Pillowed jade sleep at night, jade can stimulate the acupuncture points behind the human brain, so as to stimulate the meridians, dredge the role of internal organs.

This place can treat our physical diseases and can meet our spiritual needs, healing our psychological problems.

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