MADD Snow Globe

The music / literature / some artworks relate to Snow globe

David Bowie: Space Oddity

This is major Tom to ground control, I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
Here am I sitting in a tin can far above the world
Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do

Earth is in some ways little more than an oversized snow globe. We all exist within a self-contained capsule of nature and humanity.

Carl Sagan: COSMOS

“Finally, at the end of all our wanderings, we return to our tiny, fragile, blue-white world, lost in a cosmic ocean vast beyond our most courageous imaginings. It is a world among an immensity of others. It may be significant only for us. The Earth is our home, our parent. Our kind of life arose and evolved here. The human species is coming of age here. It is on this world that we developed our passion for exploring the Cosmos, and it is here that we are, in some pain and with no guarantees, working out our destiny.

Welcome to the planet Earth – a place of blue nitrogen skies, oceans of liquid water, cool forests and soft meadows, a world positively rippling with life. In the cosmic perspective it is, as I have said, poignantly beautiful and rare; but it is also, for the moment, unique. In all our journeying through space and time, it is, so far, the only world on which we know with certainty that the matter of the Cosmos has become alive and aware. There must be many such worlds scattered through space, but our search for them begins here, with the accumulated wisdom of the men and women of our species, garnered at great cost over a million years. We are privileged to live among brilliant and passionately inquisitive people, and in a time when the search for knowledge is generally prized. Human beings, born ultimately of the stars and now for a while inhabiting a world called Earth, have begun their long voyage home.”

Exhibiton: Utopias as far as the eye can see by Stefanie Jones

“Separated from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and in the safe cosmos of the snow globe, you can take a seat at the desk in the middle of the globe. There is an old typewriter and a stack of paper on the table waiting for you; the previous visitor also left his / her utopia for you to read on the sheet drawn in the typewriter. But since this does not have to correspond with your personal utopia, you are asked to take the piece of paper out of the typewriter, crumple it up and throw it in the trash next to you, which is already overflowing with discarded utopias. Then you put a blank sheet of paper in the typewriter and start typing – after all, you too want to share your utopian thoughts with your fellow human beings …”

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