Teddy Bear

Our group object is teddy bear/pet. We researched the origin of the Teddy Bear and discovered it originated from an event which regarded Theodor Roosevelt and a bear. Theodor (nicknamed Teddy) was invited to a bear hunt and in his honour was asked to kill the bear. He was against it and refused to shoot it, but asked the others to put the bear out of its misery since he was tied to a tree. A cartoonist drew a depiction of this action and illustrated a cute little bear. This inspired Morris Michtom to create a stuffed Teddy bear. With time, the teddy bears have been designed to have cuter features.

As a possible story, I made some illustrations regarding some possible visuals, combining some of our objects like mug and snow globe and the teddy bear.

As an option I drew an illustration of a mug with a bubble generated on top, which can have some snow globe features, and inside it there is a tiny world with the teddy bears re-living what happened with Roosevelt and they look outside the bubble and look towards the cartoonist. The bubble will pop soon, but, inside it, time is perceived differently and is expanded. These teddy bears inside it, have a Teddy Man stuffed toy, to celebrate the kindness of Roosevelt.

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