MADD Pillow

The objects are hidden under the pillow.

To a certain extent, putting certain items under the pillow can give people a sense of security. I found some real examples of people sharing their own experiences online.


*I put a hammer under my pillow because I lived alone and the neighborhood wasn’t very safe, and I was afraid of home invasion.

*I’ve experienced a home invasion that left a psychological impact, so I put a butterfly knife under my pillow.

*I was once addicted to watching zombie movies and was terrified that a zombie would suddenly show up one day while I was sleeping and I could fight back at will. So I put a knife under my pillow.

*The girl who once had her door broken into, put a pocket bow, a long-range weapon.

To ward off bad luck

*When I was a sophomore in college, I had bad dreams and nightmares about ghosts and spirits. My grandmother told me to put a book under my pillow, saying that the book would ward off evil spirits. So I put a selection of Mao under my pillow.

*Under my pillow was a book wrapped in a red silk cloth called the Diamond Sutra. I put this book under my pillow because my grandmother believed in Buddhism. Before I went to college, she wrapped the book in a red cloth and handed it to me, and said, “Put it under your pillow, it will keep you safe and help you sleep well.Mysteriously, I really slept peacefully every night for four years in college, and had a very peaceful life.

*I had a dog’s tooth, a string dyed with dog’s blood, and two charms. Because my mother heard that dog’s blood wards off evil spirits. When I was in boarding middle school, I was always haunted by bad things, and my body was always uncomfortable. My mother wrapped the rope and a dog’s tooth in dog’s blood and let me sleep under my pillow. After graduation, I kept it on my body for more than 10 years.


*Knife, the folding knife. But it’s not for self-defense, it’s for self-mutilation. I would often wake up in the early morning hours and feel so bad that it was the only way I could make myself feel better.

*Hidden under the pillow are books and pencils. I have the habit of reading a book before going to bed, and I can’t fall asleep without it. I have to use a pencil to write my thoughts next to the more shocking sentences I see.

*Eye drops, lip balm, hand cream, rubber bands, and noise-proof earplugs.

*Tarot cards.

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