MADD Pillow

What did the ancients sleep on?

The pillow, the sleep, the dream, three has the extremely wonderful connection, the dream is without boundary and the end, therefore this also gives the pillow a kind of romantic literary atmosphere.

But in today’s view, these porcelain pillows are cool and hard. Why did the ancient people love them so much?
Li Qingzhao in the “Drunken flower Yin” a layer of reason: “thick mist cloud worry forever day, Rui brain selling gold beast, double Ninth festival, jade pillow kitchen, cool at midnight. The “jade pillow” here refers to the blue and white enamel pillow fired at that time. It can also be seen that the porcelain pillow has the effect of cooling in hot summer. In addition, the neck pillow is placed on it, so that the cervical vertebra is in a state of natural bending, which can not only avoid messy hair, but also avoid suffering from cervical spondylosis.
In terms of shape, the porcelain pillow fully shows the artistic feelings and diverse aesthetic appreciation of the ancient people. Each piece is unique and exquisite as a work of art.

The character class

Northern Song Dynasty Dingyao white porcelain baby pillow
Song Sancai lie female hold goose pillow
Song Dynasty lying female lotus leaf tri-colored pillow

The animal class

From Liao to Jin Dynasty, three-color squat lion pillow
Golden brown glazed painted tiger shaped pillow
Tang Dynasty three – color pair lion pillow
Ming Dynasty three-colored butterfly pillow

Write poems on the pillow

Song: White glaze porcelain pillow
“The vast west Wei water cold, high Yin drunk out of Chang ‘an.
A roll of golden formula in the sleeve, who on earth can borrow to see”
Golden Tri-colored poetry and prose hexagonal pillow
“Three thousand miles from home, twenty years deep palace.
A cry of what man son, tears fell before you.”
Yuan Dynasty Cizhou kiln white black flower title “fall plum wind” yuan Qu pillow
“Sorrow is like drunkenness, as dull as madness. Boredom and sorrow form a spring sleep.
Bead curtain anyone Sue rolled up, afraid of the warbler flower smile person haggard”

Pillow painting class

Yuan: White glaze black flower dream character porcelain pillow
Song Dynasty Cizhou kiln white ground black flower “town house” inscription lion pattern pillow
Song Dynasty green glaze tri-colored carved figure pillow

Although porcelain pillows have faded out of our lives, those simple and elegant cultural relics still bear the historical imprint of each dynasty, decorate the dreams of the ancients, and nourish the hearts of future generations.

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