Mirror & Pets

When a dog looks in the mirror, does it know it is in the mirror?

When dogs see themselves in the mirror, they react differently. Some are very excited, yelling and want to fight immediately. Some will keep staring at the mirror motionless, and walk away when they feel bored.

Is it true that we can see in the mirror?

There are some people whose job is to play us on the opposite side of the mirror.
Mirror is a channel, a medium, connected to another space.
Which side of the mirror is reality?



Wellbeing is something we are all chasing after.

For your home’s safety and security, squeaky toys are needed, to prevent your home and substance from being destroyed.

For yourself to to have some more spare time, squeaky toys are needed, to suggest a piece of “silence”.

For saving your money and energy, go get one now.


PET3 Personality

Is personality related to genes?
Is personality related to gender?
How do different species convey emotions?
Why can I feel the emotion and character of a dog?
The facial expressions of animals are similar to those of humans and even can be traced back to the origin of species.


Guardian angels

Companionship is a fellowship, an accompaniment.

It enhances our physical, emotional wellbeing.

It’s a guardian angel who always supports and looks after us.

We will feel secured, relief, happy and not lonely anymore.đź’•



Traces are interesting objects, if we can define them as objects.

Traces are an evidence that shows companionship.

They are defining the absence of what something was in a specific time and place.

They give hints to what the object that created them was, but are not the object.

They tell stories that need to be discovered.

They exist for a brief moment in time, until they are swept away by the wind.

Maybe they are chasing something they’ll never get?


Fake pets – purchasable permanent companionship

Fake cats are cats.

Fake dogs are dogs.

Anything you want.

Permanent companion.


On the Narrative of Abandonment in Pets and Children’s Literature

“Rachel Rose, Lake Valley, 2016

Lake Valley is a cel-animated video set in an imagined suburb. Each frame is a composite of elements from 19th-20th century children’s book illustrations cut, layered, and re-mapped for the present-day. The suburban places encountered in the video—the house, the parking lot, the park—are familiar and not. There is simultaneity of past and present in all surfaces of the video—a plastic garbage bag is an illustration of a woman’s hair; an egg shell is an amalgam of dragon skin, cobble stones, and beer.

The story of Lake Valley follows an imagined pet as it seeks attention on one particularly lonely day. The pet leaves its family in search of connection in the nearby green. The narrative is rooted in the theme of abandonment that permeates childhood in children’s literature. Abandonment, like a suburban house, is relatively ordinary experience sustained by everyday routines and anxieties.

The work of Rachel Rose (b. 1986) explores how our changing relationship to landscape has shaped story-telling and belief systems. Rose draws from and contributes to a long history of cinematic innovation, and through her subjects—whether investigating cryogenics, the American Revolutionary War, modernist architecture, or the sensory experience of walking in outer space—she questions what it is that makes us human and the ways we seek to alter and escape that designation.”

The above 3 paragraphs are about an artist’s project introduction. I think the key words–for example, abandonment is very interesting, which made me contact our group’s object. Because in some video works, we always see that “child or pet” is associated with abandoning the narrative. This may be because in the relationship between adults and pets/children, pets have fewer rights, so I I wonder if I can start from this point to think about the narrative of utopia.


Tamagotchi-Electronic pet

Tamagotchi is an electronic pet toy launched by Japanese toy company Bandai in November 1996. The entire game machine is in the shape of an egg. Players can see small pets on the screen by manipulating three buttons. Because it is easy to operate and be carried with, the cumulative sales volume of Tamagotchi has reached 82 million in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.


Human-animal marriage/ human-inanimate object marriage

It’s legal to marry animals in India while it seems marrying a dog it’s the most popular.

Photo credit: Qianjiang Evening News

An engineer married a robot created by himself because he was under too much pressure giving by his family to find a wife.

Photo credit: Fernando Vergara/AP

Marrying a tree, an environmentalist took his love of nature to the next level.


Teddy Bear

Our group object is teddy bear/pet. We researched the origin of the Teddy Bear and discovered it originated from an event which regarded Theodor Roosevelt and a bear. Theodor (nicknamed Teddy) was invited to a bear hunt and in his honour was asked to kill the bear. He was against it and refused to shoot it, but asked the others to put the bear out of its misery since he was tied to a tree. A cartoonist drew a depiction of this action and illustrated a cute little bear. This inspired Morris Michtom to create a stuffed Teddy bear. With time, the teddy bears have been designed to have cuter features.

As a possible story, I made some illustrations regarding some possible visuals, combining some of our objects like mug and snow globe and the teddy bear.

As an option I drew an illustration of a mug with a bubble generated on top, which can have some snow globe features, and inside it there is a tiny world with the teddy bears re-living what happened with Roosevelt and they look outside the bubble and look towards the cartoonist. The bubble will pop soon, but, inside it, time is perceived differently and is expanded. These teddy bears inside it, have a Teddy Man stuffed toy, to celebrate the kindness of Roosevelt.